Twinzlyn Artful Translations


I am a recent graduate with an Honors B.A. in Linguistics and French, minor in Political Science.I spent several months with Loews Hotels as a French representative for the Reservations/Sales Agent sector and am now working closer to home as a seasonal worker in Target’s apparel section.

I have studied abroad twice, spending Spring semester 2015 in England, and Fall 2015 in France. Currently, I’m planning on moving to Canada for a year beginning in 2018 to travel and improve my French.

I have studied the French language for 10 years and am currently at a C1/C2 level. I also have experience with German (2.5 years), Arabic (1.0 years), Italian (0.5 years), and exposure to several others (Tamil, Spanish, Japanese, Russian).

My undergraduate senior thesis was on Phonosemantics/Sound Symbolism, and examined the perceptions of various phones cross-linguistically. It can be found on this site in the Linguistics section.

I spend my free time reading or simply being creative with HTML / Photoshop / photography.